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Daily Shacharit services run Monday through Friday at 7:00am and Sundays and legal holidays at 9:00am. Service is followed by a succinct Torah thought and daily Halacha as well as a complimentary breakfast. Daily Mincha and Maariv 15 minutes before sunset. A brief class between the prayers is offered on a variety of subjects.


Shabbat services at the MTC are welcoming and vibrant. Each congregate is greeted with a smile and made to feel at home. Rabbi New’s sermons are renowned for their passion, articulation and keen observations. Services are followed by a complete Kiddush lunch.


Holiday services at the MTC are warm, lively and moving. The energy is sure to follow you home.

En Francais

La communauté francophone de MTC offres à ses membres un minyan pour toutes les fêtes juives.

Wed, February 26 2020 1 Adar 5780