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Bat Mitzvah Club

5782  /  2021-2022


Welcome to the MTC Bat Mitzvah Club, where Bat Mitzvah age girls get together to discover what it means to become a Jewish woman and how powerful and important they are through fun crafts, DMC's and lessons to last a lifetime.

Program highlights include a Shabbat experience, a mother-daughter Challah Bake, and a Bat Mitzvah Ceremony.

Please read further about our program, end-of-year Ceremony and optional Dinner. Then apply! 
We look forward to having you join us!

Ita New
BMC Director
Cell: 514.677.1028


for Girls ages 11-12 (Bat Mitzvah age)
Monthly sessions (8 in total)
Tuesdays, 7:00 - 8:30 pm

Limited space available

We will be complying with all Covid-19 regulations.


Sunday September 13  |  Orientation 
Welcome! Come with a parent(s) to meet your BMC teacher, get to know all the girls becoming Bat Mitzvah just like you. Find out what this exciting year has in store!


Session: Neshama (Part I)
Join the club and get your very own BMC gear. Learn what the Bat Mitzvah hype is all about! Design your very own candle and do a cool candle experiment.


Session: Neshama (Part II)
Discover the treasure within you. Lean how to harness your strengths and talents to fulfill your purpose. How is your Jewish name significant to your life's mission?  


Session: Shabbat candles
Come and learn about the feminine power of Shabbat from our Matriarch Sara, and the miracles in her tent. Stained glass art.


Shabbat Day Experience
BMC girls enjoy a Shabbat program while their families join MTC for services. Kids program for younger siblings is available. Kiddush lunch for everyone. 


Mother Daughter Challah Bake
Get your aprons on as we learn the art and spirit of Challah baking. Let’s bake some delicious Challah from scratch with fresh natural ingredients. Moms and grandmothers are invited to join in the fun.


Session: Charity
Did you know our Matriarch Rivka was called “a rose among the thorns”? Let’s see what we can learn from her journey. Balloon launch. Design your own Tzedaka (charity) box.


Session: Decision Making
Which route would you take; the long short way or the short long way? Parents are invited to get a BMC crash course with the Rabbi.


Shabbat Dinner
There’s nothing in the world like Shabbat… come and get it! Join Ita and her family in their home, as we light Shabbat candles, do Kiddush and enjoy a scrumptious dinner with friends, games and singing.


Session: Modesty
Walk down the runway as a royal princess. Learn insights into the hidden story of Purim and how it was a woman who saved the day.


Session: Holocaust 
A person is like a tree, in order to grow tall we need our roots. Be spellbound by Mrs. Tuky Treitel’s story as a hidden child of the Holocaust. Moms & Dads are invited.


Session: Kosher
You are what you eat. Kosher hunt and cooking demo.


End of Year Activity 
Surprise end of year BMC graduation activity.


Mikvah Tour
Moms join us for a unique opportunity to learn about the special mitzvah of Mikva that has united Jewish women throughout the ages.



Preparing speeches and songs for the end of year ceremony.


Take part in the big milestone. BMC girls share an insight on a topic they learned, present songs, receive a BMC certificate and a special Bat Mitzvah gift.




MTC's Bat Mitzvah Club is dedicated in loving memory of Yehuda Ben Henich Chaymovich obm.

Tue, June 22 2021 12 Tammuz 5781