Joanne and Jonathan Gurman Community Center
Lou Adler Shul
Marcia Gillman and Michael Flinker Early Childhood Center

The Montreal Torah Center (MTC) is part of the worldwide Chabad Lubavitch movement.

Inspired and directed by the Rebbe, of righteous memory, MTC, headed by  Rabbi Moishe and Nechama New and Rabbi Itchy and Zeldie Treitel, began operating in 1991, renting space in an indoor shopping mall. Over the ensuing decade, steady growth compelled MTC to expand its premises three times.

Although beginning primarily as an adult education facility, MTC soon blossomed into a  small-scale community center. Defying the trend of synagogue mergers and closures  that has plagued Quebec for decades, in 2002 MTC announced that it intended to build an  $8 million community center that would contribute to the revitalization of Jewish life in Montreal.  By the grace of G‑d, and with the help and support of many dedicated individuals, the dream became a reality.

The new center has been in operation since September, 2004 and continues to attract growing numbers of Jews, of all ages and from all backgrounds, particularly with no previous affiliation.